Juggling work and family life

Originally after my maternity leave ended with  baby number one I went back to work when she was 1 full time, 5  days a week.

With the aim to help ensure we could move from our 2 bedroom place to a family home with the garden I so desperately longed for.

In hindsight going back 5 days a week was hard splitting all our leave between us to over as many days as possible and using a local nursery two days a week plus lots of help from my Mum.

In the space of a year we’d managed to get into a position through a lot of hard work on both our parts to sell and buy a family home.

So three years ago we brought the house that had a lot potential at a great price.  We started work on it immediately and not long after I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, around this time I applied to cut my working days down three per week which thankfully was approved by my employer, this helped a lot and felt like I gained some time back.

Fast forward to expecting my 3rd child a boy this time! I’m finding juggling work, home life, a frequently working away husband and a complex pregnancy a bit of a challenge but wouldn’t give up work as feel it’s something that’s actually for me and that I’ve done for almost 13 years and enjoy my job which is in the Airline Industry.

Roll on 3.5 weeks and I’ll be ready to commence maternity leave for baby no.3! Where I’ll take about a year off to enjoy him and be around more for my girls.


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