Sealife Brighton – Day and Night

Yesterday we had the most exciting evening at the launch of new Day and Night experience at Sealife Brighton. The oldest operating aquarium in the world!

The effort that has gone into the new experience is tremendous. Sealife Brighton have spent £2.7 million on the renovation. The Day and Night experience is the first of it’s kind in the UK where visitors have the chance to view the 24-hour wonder of the coral reef as it transitions through the day.

You start heading through the arches, With lots to see and do, then you are lead into the day and night experience, the children even have their own entrance! which my girls loved, a great touch personal touch for them.

Entrance – Beautiful arches and lighting
Children's entrance to Day and Night
Children’s Entrance to Day and Night Experience

They first of all came face to face with a rather large snake and were able to put their heads into the bubble like shapes to get a better view. Even thought had gone into the flooring which felt spongey to walk on.

When you get to day and night experience, there is a fabulous separate mini tunnel for the children, My children said they saw Nemo and Dorey!

Little tunnel
The girls loved spotting Nemo and Dorey

Next you get to the main tunnel area which has a large viewing screen before you enter. The green turtles are something else and so big! Truly amazing to watch. The girls couldn’t stop looking at them. It was so relaxing Jake even fell asleep for two hours!

Sea Life Centre, Brighton, green Turtles, 2019, delivery,

There is a fabulous beach interactive wave area which my girls enjoyed thoroughly and spent lots of time jumping over the waves. The scene felt very relaxing and made me want a holiday!

Beach area
Jumping over the waves

Then my absolute favourite we walked through the tunnel it really does make you feel like you are under the water, It’s fascinating watching the magnificent creatures swimming overheard and getting a really good close up.

Sea Life Centre, Brighton, green Turtles, 2019, delivery,
Black Tip Shark
Sea Life Centre, Brighton, green Turtles, 2019, delivery,

The Sealife Brighton Day and Night experience is truly wonderful and very relaxing. Do visit soon, you will not regret it and I just wanted to say what a family friendly place it is, the staff couldn’t do enough to help me when I initially arrived with the three children on my own including my baby in his pushchair.

We attended a Press Event so did not pay entry, all opinions are my own.

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