Natvia – The Natural Sweetener

I was recently given the opportunity to sample and give out samples of Natvia, A natural sweetener that can help you quit sugar.

For me sugar mostly in the form of chocolate is a huge problem and one that has lead to a two stone weight gain over the last 6 years since the birth of my first child.

I even had gestational diabetes in my last two pregnancies, no doubt linked to sugar consumption although once diagnosed I did all I could to keep my blood sugar levels under control, As I’ve had gestational diabetes I am now more at risk in fact 1 in 2 chance of getting type 2 diabetes so I really do need to cut down my sugar levels.

I used Natvia as an alternative in Cooking, baking and tea/coffee’s the feedback was over whelming good where people who tried it said, they couldn’t tell the difference. I am shortly going to be commencing a healthy eating 12 week plan from home and will be substituting sugar for Natvia in lots of recipes which I am quite excited about.

Natvia is available in Tesco, Ocado and Whole Foods.

Natvia has zero impact on blood sugar levels ( I even tested this on my old blood glucose monitor recently ) It also doesn’t contain: Aspartame, Saccharine, or Fructose like some sweeteners can do and is made from 100% natural sources. It’s definitely worth trying and is far easier to quit sugar with Natvia.


Sanctuary Spa – Wet Skin Moisture Miracle ( Ad )

Recently I was lucky enough to work for Talk to Mums on a Sanctuary Spa campaign.

Distributing their new Wet Skin Moisture Miracle to local Ladies in my community.


The Wet Skin Moisture Miracle samples were 50ml each and contained one of three fragrances, Original, White Lily & Damask Rose, Green Lemon & Orange Blossom.  ( Below are the full size )

I distributed the samples at several places locally, including School parents, Children’s Centre’s, Nursery’s, After School club, local Hospital and a Summer Fair.

I carried a handy canvas bag to use for the distribution with a badge that showed I was giving away free samples. Although initially going up to people you don’t know can be a little disconcerting I soon overcame this and people were very happy to discuss the product and to receive a free sample to take home and try.

Working on this campaign also got me talking to people who I didn’t usually or who I hadn’t met before.  I was also lucky that feed back came in quickly:

  • “Wow it smells amazing”
  • “Saved me lots of time in my daily routine”
  • “My skin smelt wonderful all day”
  • “I love all the options of different scents”
  • “I had to go out and buy the full size”

The Wet Skin Moisture Miracle can be purchased in Boots if you are looking to buy.

Have you tried it yet? Or do you have any questions about working with Talk to Mums?


Review of the Become Tank Top

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent a Become vest to review by Talk to Mums UK.

I find my temperature has rapidly increased during this pregnancy especially whilst busy with my two girls and working, I also remember all too well the night sweats I experienced post birth whilst breastfeeding. This silky smooth top can be worn on it’s own, perfect for the gym, to bed or under a jumper ( I’m a vest under a jumper type of person ).

The Become vest helps regulate your body temperature and wicks moisture away from the body to help reduce odour with 18 months product research at the Hohenstein Institute, the clever material uses flat yarns to draw the moisure away from the skin and evaporate it.

I wore this vest in black all day and then to bed with pjymas and felt the freshest I’ve felt in a while, it even covered my 22 week bump, so if you are like me and never fully lost the ‘stomach’ it would cover it by going a size up from your usual size.

The vest arrived prettily packaged in black and white spotty paper and fitted through my letter box meaning I didn’t need to be in to sign for it.

Until Monday 15th January using my code TAlKTOMUMSGEMMA you can secure 20% off Become vests and knickers at